Friday, 3 August 2007

Insomniac Prompts

At Smollensky's we drink words and smoke

Oyster smacks, crabbers, the dead

Like my father's rose-bushes

Gerald Gerund, Thinking

Ivan Ellavanitch and the Recalcitrant Flea

Candled Eggs, Lovers

My smile is ingeniously camouflaged

Asleep on a razor-blade, trying not to wake

I sit quietly on the bed and think

Because animals are slaughtered

Great White Bollocks

Guy Ropes

Under My Kilt, Another Kilt

This is the story of the dead

My date waits outside the organic butchers

The long curtain, the short

Notice, I do not have grace

My father, as his boot comes down

Old rotten planks, rope

You do not know how long you have been here

Yes, and my answer is this...

Everything should be fifty-fifty, six of one

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