Saturday, 4 August 2007

Loada Prompts

I love you as one loves certain obscure things

Sipping a cup of camomile tea

I would like to watch you sleeping

When rain is needed

I bought a brown paper bag of peaches from a boy at the end of the road

Our shutters are shut, our fire is low.

I loved my father most as he walked home from work

Why don't we say goodbye right now?

I may love you so I've hidden my shoes

An apricot commode is forever

Pink rubber gloves moiling in dishwater

Lucy lives behind this house

Children kill their parents many times

The many difficulties of being alone

Because my mother hurt my father, I will abandon you.

I gave my dog a stone.

In your sleep you mumble those things you almost said when you were drunk

A Martian came in through a window and sat on my bed last night

What silence when you are here!

A wife shoved a bayonet into her husband's head

When I looked at my parents I never thought of tragedy

I sit still, overwhelmed, worn out by the night

Three times in my life, my heart has opened, closed.

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