Thursday, 9 August 2007

Thursday prompts

Great crowds are fleeing from a major disaster

For as at a great distance of place

The spaces between houses

Hideous bridesmaids

The Cucumber Story

How comforting it is, once or twice a year

The smell of fresh earth, improvised crosses

I will never come down

A small boat, tugging on its rope

Runt of the litter

Before she was a virgin

Either lunch or dead soldiers

The Money Tree

Cheating in the pub quiz

Whether I live or die, what proceeds

I sold him a toothless, beakless, canary: sucker!

Pedigree chum

Despatched with a mattock

My Own Beach

Fearing Tigers, Snakes, Malria, Lost Japanese

And in the red corner, hate

We don't like your white cottage

It's not because yer dirty, it's not because yer clean
It's becaise you live in a council-house and eat margarine

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