Monday, 6 August 2007

Monday Prompts

Young Male Drivers
Lethal Injections Can be Painless
On the other hand
A thorn is a thorn is a thorn
Six or so hills
Ring my wife, she has my number
Notes on Performance
Driving age set to rise
The Game
Blackmailing Mother Theresa
Offer applies to stickered items only
Set inside the four walls
Hair to Dye For
Ten Thousand Hungry Vultures
Don’t be a goon, Boris
Rapid Breakdown Recovery
Sewage! Minister Steps In!
Horrid Henry
Winds Create Pacific Dead Zone
After Five Years of Suffering I Have No Pain
In Times of Doubt Listen to Kipling
The Jag or the Land-Rover?
Hello Dolly
Enhance Your Retirement, Consider the Options
We’ll Work Something Out
Chief Plots Next Step
Creaking America
Bald Guiseppe

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