Wednesday, 27 June 2007

als- more on the pre blast blast

last night was a difficult one

lots of real life stuff to contend with, but determined to crank out a flash or at least a poem...

some great prompts floating around, and i managed just over a thousand words flash, but it happened in two sittings. first thirty minutesor so just took off based on three or four of the prompts, and i didn;t really stop to think about what the hell i was writing.

then real life interrupted and i had to leave the thing for a couple of hours.

not ideal.

came back to it and realised that it was a million miles from what i usually like to write/read.

it's weird where these things come from when you're flashing - if i'd thought about it at all, i can't see me ever writing those characters, pl0t events, that voice.

but that's what was there, and i managed to finish it off in about another twenty minutes.

also managed to crit four other flashes, but only managed tto post one before real life got in the way again.

still, two nights, two passable if not publishable flashes, over two thousand words written.

as a start, it'll do...

but there's subs to think about, there's primaries on friday, then the blast proper starts at the weekend.

but that's the secret, i think.

never stop.

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