Monday, 25 June 2007

Flash Prompts 01

Use one or more of the prompts below, either directly, or indirectly (as inspiration) to produce a flash. Ideal time-to-write is 45-75 minutes, but if a longer story evolves, then write it. record your time for first draft and add it (and prompts) after the story, below word-count



Every day I am new

The Unit

Jump off, stand there and gaze

Six Feet Under

and newspapers from vacant lots

The West Wing

the frozen daquiris, talk, smoke

It's not that I'm saying

lay your warm and gentle body next to mine

Who cares what they say of you? You're dead!

Parting is all we know of Heaven

I like you more than I would like; to have a cigarette

Somwhere in clouds

My little pony must think me queer

A Khan or two, a traveller


When I am even older, I will wear Lycra

An onion, hello?

Does the road wind uphill all the way?

Something stinks in the car

Sad, Dad and hopeless to know

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