Saturday, 9 June 2007

Back? Well, sort of...

I got ahead wordcount-wise last month, and boy do I need that start.

I need to find 25,500 words this month and my brain is mush. I have the head-sensation of a hangover (but not drinking) and I'm completely out of ideas (and not in the mood.) A ton of paperwork, too and a fair few rejections were in the post. Joy!

My head is simply not right, so in all probability I'll crack on with all the domestic, non-writing stuff today and Sunday, then hope to hit the writing hard come Monday.

Trouble is that will be 11th, leaving 19 days (if I don't miss 1-2) to write that 25,500. Plus I have a 4K Open University Essay to write by the 21st and then another due around July 20th

But there again that's just 1,500 words a day. is that so hard?

Looking at Boot Camp hits this year it's interesting how we have stepped up the paper/web ratio to almost exactly 50%. There are a few exceptions, (both ways) but generally paper is a tougher market. I know 2-3 BCers are aiming higher this year and the higher you aim the slower the hits come, but that's a necessary part of upping your game.

Anyway, right now getting that 30K this month looks and feels like a toughie. If I miss out, it's good to remember that I have already written 93K in 3 months


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