Monday, 25 June 2007

Flash Prompts 02

Midday Prompts

A catastrophic kiss
A drum taps
A week without a moon
All catches alight
and again by the Saturday boat.
and boarding in rooms.
My wife shook the hand of the pickpocket
She let him tie the black silk over her eyes
Small cheap mirrors with MADE IN TUNISIA written on the back
Driving to the airport along a glittering highway
South of
Number Twenty-One
and I have calculated that absolutely nothing would be saved
as it may become very difficult and precarious
At present I am particularly concerned
by sub-letting the flat (furnished)
For the heart to be loveless
for the Wednesday boat
from America to England.
I am sick for want of sleep
Breaking and Entering
Red Nose
Please Can I Have a Chicken?
A day like any other day
In the corner of the kitchen
My brother's room
My father carries me across a field
Why I Don't Live at the post office

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