Thursday, 28 June 2007

Thursday Prompts for 6PM & 8PM

Chairs move by themselves, and books

The ferryman lay drunk in his boat

When the heart stumbles

He is conscious only at brief intervals

I did not imagine being bald

Each night eating a little further

An enamel bath

Window frames, pictures

I didn't doubt for a moment you were dead

You could always bring me flowers


What can moonlight do?

An old woman with heavy breasts

A thing to look away from

Immaculate Conception

And wheeled him off

Joe Smith, eight-six-and-a-half

My face catches the wind

Imagine, snapshots of our deaths

I remember the last red rose

The murderer has been patient with his poisons

Their little house has forty rooms

Seventy-nine years in a small box

A groundsheet, a pool of human blood

The trees are careful


Anonymous said...

Great prompts by the way Alex. Any minute now I'm going to start writing something...

als said...

well, they're working for me...