Friday, 29 June 2007

als on still warming up

last night i got home to discover i hadn;' placed in the top four of the UH competition (top prize £1000) so i have to make do with a top twenty place and anthology publication (which is great, actually, but hey, a grand's a grand)

also got a reject from liar's league, which i had high hopes for.

so not in the greatest of moods.

as part of the warm up for the july blast, i'd written two flashes, both over 1000 words, and a poem i was realtively pleased with. so last night - primaries deadline looming - i got straight down to a story.

two thousand words later, there we go - just finished re-reading it now, a day after writing it. i'm too close to judge the quality, i always need a couple of days, but it feels good to have basically done my primaries story a day before deadline.

also, the warm up pushed me over 12000 words for the month, for only the third time this year, and has produced maybe three subbable pieces.

now we've got the real thing starting this weekend.

bring it on...

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