Monday, 25 June 2007

als on the pre-blast blast

thought i'd put down a few words each night (or most nights) as we go through the balst (and the pre blast)

a few people are up for flashes and poems in preparation for July's blast.


i was determined to get something done, and managed to fit somethign in around various life things tonight. 1000+ words of a flash - used the prompts posted, but in the end only included maybe two of them. i usually prefer it when the story starts to eat up all the prompts on the page, almost without me trying. that didn;t happen tonight.

the story isn;t great. ,it's probably not even subbable. but that's not the point. not for this pre-blast, anyway.

the point is to get used to forcing myself to sit down, write something - anything - every night.

and i managed that, at least.

i even started another piece, a poem. didn;t finish because life got in the way again, but i got a couple of stanzas down, and i'll come back to it.

managed to crit the other flash that someone had managed today as well.

it was much better than mine.

so, a partial, limited, tenuous success.

but that's ok.

i wrote one and a half pieces, over a thousand words. and i wouldn't have done that otherwise.

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