Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Fresh Prompts

Billy Fucking Bremner
Dai K lives at the end of the valley
Eventually it feels like Ireland
Everyone hates the English (and so they should)
From Wales, the mostly English sector
He said I had a servant's soul and spat into the grate
He seemed like a hollow oak-trunk, covered in ivy
I had a coffee, one coffee, with Marilyn Munro
I live in a spelling error
I thought it made me look more working class
It was your lightness that drew me
My father and mother, my brother, my sister
My six year-old said "bomb". They sent an armoured car.
Old damp soaks through the wallpaper
Sewing machine
She makes a quiet breakfast for herself
She must be from another country
Some say love's a little boy
Three weeks of bad drugs, badass jazz, bad religion
Two fairies skittered behind the bar
We will know who they are by their absence
What are we waiting for, assembled in the form?
What manner of dying is this?
Where a gunshot scatters acres of birds
Yes, that is the door and behind it they live

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