Friday, 12 October 2007

Friday Prompts 0800

Clarity is brief, the world is mostly dark confusion
Clothes not immediately in use etc.
Do not stand at my grave and laugh
First rehearse the easy things
Fish understand
He slept with his suitcase which didn't snore
he was knocked down by a rabid dog, bitten ten times
Hendre Hall
Hide behind trees, climb into wardrobes
His rapid growth has left him less rugged
I have been walking by the harbour
I have purchased Tom a low steamer trunk
I should like very much to have him keep it under his bed
IF they build a by-pass
My nephew was in Germany and had a terrible time.
Night reunites the house with silence, death walks
Not the memory but remembering
Now nothing is scattered, nothing divided.
Tell lies: I love you. I'll be back in half an hour. I'm fine
That was his favourite chair, that his book
The abdominal muscles are still weak
The dogs have stopped barking
The sky is deep but welcoming
Tom's sister died in just such a pool
Unless it is an infringement to the rules
We don't know why Brownlee left, only that he is gone
We have a prejudice against quarry ponds
We hope, in a few years, he will be completely normal
You wake up taller, the day presses you down

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