Thursday, 11 October 2007

Thursday Afternoon Prompts

We should have been gallopping on horses
Chocolate Eclairs
Their hooftprints splashes of light
Red Wine
Hauling up lobster pots in a wake of sparks
We should have been doing more with our lives
She ate monotonous food and thought the world was flat
If I knew, I'd SAY
A card game where a nose was broken
A wedding where the bride punched the groom
or a child's purse full of anything
A few peanuts, an orange
Stop all the clocks
A wristy buisness
They have dragged the river but my heart is still missing
A one-legged man always puts his best foot forward
Did you say gas?
Father, brother, husband, lover, friend
I smell his shirts, the toilet seat is always down
Since you died, I notice things
After the hospital rang we sent Dad's stuff to a jumble. It was a wrong number
Cars white with frost
I don't feel well
The vacuum-cleaner sulks in a corner cupboard
I expect him many minute now

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