Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Prompts 07:17 Wednesday 10th

A one-eyed troll in front of a joyless fire
As we fall into step I ask , "A penny for your thoughts?"
As we made love for the third day running, as it rained and rained
Because you didn't go. It's because you never left.
Deep, far off, in the strangest pits
Eeney Stannit!! Eeney Stannit!!
For this, and this reason only I will return your deposit,
He finds the public phone is vandalised
Her lightness drew me, after so many heavy, dark days with you
I feel extremely disappointed that you have to lie and hurl unfounded accusations.
I have put the dogs out, hosed away the shit
I trust we need have know further dealings from this point forward.
If, at your desk, you put aside your work
In front of the mirror in my parents' room
In the middle of the night, if we got up
it is my house, yet one room is locked.
It will be sent to you in the form of a cheque.
No sacred amulets, just a memory of fields in spring
Pity is for the moment of death and the moments after.
Prams, supermarket trolleys, mattresses
Sea-fog, gunsmoke
Since you left, since you left, why, better, better!
Suddenly, after the quarrel
The next day I am almost afraid
The point is how to find a use for anger, like in Monsters Inc. but that was fright.
They are at that stage where the desire that comes between them is obscene
They were queueing for their pensions. It came out of nowhere.
What do you think of my hat?
While the room's stillness deepened, deepened
You gave, and now you say you're poor.
You make a noise like a dog dreaming.

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