Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Tuesday 9th Prompts

Children, fresh as new candles

I am not making a fool of myself

I heard a man shout "Jimmy!" across the street

District & Circle

Escalators, ascending, descending

Corpus Christi

I first learned to swim in my father's study

Long fat summer

You saved me, you ought to remember me

I come from my childhood

At the lake's edge a young man whoops and throws his hat in the water

In the schoolyards, in the cloakrooms, children

The landscape flowed away

He knocked downy soot through the bars of the grate

A wooden turtle

My daughter and me, a manatee

His khaki tie was perfectly knotted

Spring has been postponed

In Kosbad, during the monsoons

In my dreams I have two legs, two arms, you love me

My granny read my future, then left the room in tears


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