Thursday, 4 October 2007

Thursday 07:30 More Prompts

The safe is forgotten.

They'll courier it tomorrow.

I know what the Spanish lady means.

The guilt came in waves.

When they lock me up I will hit a guard.

The first time I saw Annie was at the Pacific end of the Eastbound Interstate 80, about midway between San Fransisco and Salt Lake City.

She was crying at the window.

There are more pigs than people.

When I am asked, I say I'm a quiet lad, I pick no fights.

The school sat among maples on a hillside that sloped down to a river.

No it's the same price as last time.

She passed a sun-dark field-worker

Ian had brought fresh crusty bread from the bakery

She dropped to her haunches, waited.

But adrenalin was there now, phtt-phtt; good old flight-fight-fuck juice.

Behind her was the sea, empty sea.

Red light rushed up through her.

The woman stared. Her mouth was slightly open.

After the efficient cleanliness and the painted lines.

A wire-meshed door in the side of a blob of cream concrete.

This was a quieter week.

The doctor has warmed the speculum in her latex-gloved hand.

The chief engineer was a big, self-indulged man, about forty.

inside the restaurant had been shuttered-gloomy.

The Mother Question.

The museum is quite busy, with tourists and school groups mostly.

My mother sleeps.

I wish, sometimes, I could get at my DNA.

I've made the final cut.

Cold. Grey dawn breaking in a silver line. Lobster pots, fishing nets.

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