Friday, 13 July 2007

07:08 Friday PROMPTS

Black Will have black

On nights when the cool air slips in

The colour of bad luck

Inside a chicken is another chicken

She was sixteen, he was twenty

A daydream of horses

Suspended, cantilevered, arched

They would come through the long light

She wanders round their room

City streets awash with noise

I have seen, in neglected corners

My daughter sleeps with a giraffe

The evryday sink, the clutter of dishes

See Son Ticket

I am thinking of marrying the girl from the castle

I dreamt I had buried you

Below, on the pond, the wind shivers

His lamp no longer glows

An eye that doesn't quite look straight

My mother has been travelling it seems

I hate this furniture almost as much as it hates me

I run towards my death, with luck we will miss each other

A teacher stands at a blackboard, seething

I am the car-crash of car-crash TV

The villagers never like you

A bowl of rotten fruit, children


I was ten when they buried you, eleven years too late

Fifty-two dead nurses

Once I saw a man climb a palm tree backwards

I'm waiting for Jerry Anderson by the old wicker gate

Eating peanut paste and onions

The reverse-shredder

Tanned blonde, green dress, hot, hot, night

Why she hates the Japanese

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