Saturday, 7 July 2007

Saturday 06:30, but...

Prompts here, but our priority is the seven Primary Stories in by last night's 10PM deadline.

(I critiqued all seven by midnight)

We go for a coffee and talk about him

I can't find my slippers

I saw my ex-first-wife in a corner shop in Carlisle

Most of them wore dark blue overalls, some red

My brother's imaginations did not include a violent death

A school desk full of foetuses

In a canyon

The men who kept growing spare hearts

She had GRACE

I cannot read his books

I surprise myself by missing her

They are rounding up the smokers

An old rotten plank

As I flew in over you, you were an X, pinned to the ground

Jerry the graffiti king, has painted on the moon

I was always more scared of my mother


13 Reasons for Studying the Navel

Interviews With Various Devils


The girl I almost fucked, married an army guy


Amo, Amas, Amat, Mrs Fucking Cleese

Blackberry Soup

Saturday Morning, Same Old Shit


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