Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Prompts 11:27 24-07

A high fever and hot blood

About mountains it is useless to argue

And began pacing back and forth in its cage

Clear, pretty sure they're green

Half-closed to focus better on the drawing

He heard that there were other places

He is alone. It is Christmas

I am a man now

If you had made it smaller

Mummy and Daddy, in various disguises

Quiet at first, stretched out in its cage

Remember the dark wood

She looks at her subject

She was having trouble with the shading in her drawing

The black panther at the zoo

The curtains have been drawn

The girl made a noise with her easel and her chair

The machines are laughing

The panther spotted her

The view from half-way is nobody's view

There is no time here

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