Tuesday, 3 July 2007


A blond boy wearing thick glasses
A spiteful scar across his face
Because you will not overthrow your life
Even though you outwit me.
I could have been an acrobat
I get rid of the lizard.
I had a wife. I got drunk every Saturday night.
I knelt beside a stream
I must be my father
I once met an intelligent Frenchman
I owe my discovery to the conjunction of a mirror and an encyclopedia
I remember him
I want to fuck a college girl
It is so horrible between us
Montreal, what the fuck?
My balls float in the bath
My dark companion has a camera
Sick of all the shit
Sister in the snow
So the great affair is over
The child, in strangers' hands
The sea is rising, mother
Things will be a lot better in Milan.
Whatever I say is too loud.
Where is the beetle I gave you?
Which one is the washing machine?
You fucking whore
Slowly, I married her. I had to get her back, somehow
Take the word butterfly. Yes, TAKE it.
See you at the next funeral
Pride and Instability
The Soft Hush of Sand
All Red Traffic Lights
A story beginning, "There are times in the affairs of men ..."
Carrying Pheasants Home
Mourning Mouth
Time to Say Goodbye to God
Above Suspicion, or is it Under?
Pink Knickers
I Ache. Conjugate.
Drop thy still dews of quietness, till all our strivings cease
Tongue Cramp
Jack Flash Sat on a Candlestick
So Much to Do, So Little Done

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