Friday, 6 July 2007

Friday 15:30

At Luigi's we drink and smoke

We sing songs about dead soldiers

Lead us not into redemption

We stand on tables and scream at water

The waiter is a sickly boy from Bruges

We cope with the deaths of children, but horses?

This is why I do not weep

When my father died, the dead clock in the hall started working

I appreciate, having no face is a problem, but get a grip

From a balloon the city is patterns, but they are gone when we land

What did you say to him, your murderer?

Once, at a London station, I passed my first wife who did not see me

Like someone wearing the glove he cannot find

I will leave you my debt

This is the first sun of a rotten spring

I didn't mean to, but I have torn the sky

I examine my corpse. It's pathetic

Duvet, blanket, coat

There is something about a good, stiff shit

We will send a dozen men on horses

My boy has fallen in love with a dragon and wants to make babies

Hamster Jam

I would love to unlock the door and let you in

I have an unreasonable hatred of serial killers

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