Tuesday, 3 July 2007

For 7PM (or 9)

Prompts for the 1900 slot.

If you don't use them then, you can use them at 9PM

(I have to go out)

The door opened slowly

I came by myself to a very crowded place

Lady, unfold me

I am the lover, between the one who hurt you, and the one who might stay

I am a broken repair-man

She wore green stockings: she slept with everyone

I saw my dead mother walking up the high street, pulling a basket on wheels

Like a drunk in a midnight choir

Under the avalanche

75 square metres of insulation

Welcome to the war; make yourselves comfortable

The room is dark, the photographs gloomy

I knew you were falling in love with me

Absence is my last weapon

I have reserved for you, a special contempt

Who by fire? Who by water?

I am dancing on the darker side

Balloons and streamers, all black

These walls are too thin

The polished floor

I would trade you for a 50-inch flat TV (HD Ready)

My keys, my brown bag

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