Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Prompts at 2PM

You tore your shirt

It is dark at four o'clock

We touch each other between the legs

I have been punished

I was lost, then I met you on the road

This is why she hates my work

Doctor, Doctor, pass the fuse

He meets a girl, it could almost be an accident

I am a spy, the devil pays me well

The sun is streaming through the rooflight, dust spins

Without you, without memory, without sky

I don't tell you everything, and you rarely listen

Let us change our profession

Without my lenses, what kind of witness do I make?

I found a poem on a bus

My imaginary friend doesn't like me any more

Between us the air is putrid, boiling. This is lust and we are lost.

I took a man to water but he would not drown

We ate dinner with our eyes closed

This is my voice.

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