Saturday, 14 July 2007

08:35 Saturday PROMPTS

Ambling with his cattle from the starved pastures
And learn, too late
Dawn rolls up what the night unwound
Fluster of lost door keys
How to catch a javelin
Here is Peter. Here is Jane. They like fun.
I have lived in important places, times
Just an ordinary man of the bald Welsh hills
Light the blue touch-paper and retire
Most near, most dear, most loved, most far
No one will help. Let's kiss and part.
Skin like marzipan
The art of losing isn't hard to master
The father tip-toes out, backwards
The house is shut and still
Olympic Abuse
The tunnel that contains the dawn of all his fears
The waste remains, the waste remains, and kills
The weight of the sky
The winds have stretched so tight the skin on bare racks of bone
True North, West Lies
Walk, down the fern trail. It doesn't matter where.
We managed. No need for the heroic.
Father and Son
What does it matter, where or how we die?
When you're away I sleep a lot. Pee more often
Baked beans, strychnine
Where did those enormous children come from?
Why does a dog hate so?

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