Monday, 2 July 2007

13:21 More Prompts

It is only by looking back that life takes on a pattern
Dirty little Jew
He had a gift for public speaking
Naked as a mannequin
He has moved, piece by piece into silence
Hate will keep us together
He feels the sun's benediction
Aisle, Altar, Hymn
Keep your jokes to yourself
Two men on a raft heading for the falls
For a while my hands are empty
There is no sky today
Two days listening to short-wave
He should have burned longer
The Eskimo Disco
Taken from the hands of a drunken miner
My trousers shrink, the belts shorten
This was a beginning
Let us go then, you, me and a few mates
Floating in Inner Space
They graze, anxiously planning
A sheep has two goals, to be out of this field and to be dead
The flock conspires
A devil at rest
Now all my words are bricks, but what for mortar?

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