Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Prompts 07:00 Wednesday

The telephone rang

Beauty of the body

Not Welsh enough, too rich

Mary had a little car, it caused her jubilation

Your own FOLBOT wherevere you go!

Sturdy. No maintenance costs. Easily transported

Rallie Health belt Tones ASbdominal Muscles

She read Nurse Drew's little book and is now "happily married" in the true sense.

Are your teeth worth threepence each?

The onion is a friendly plant.

For sheer dependability give me "Craven A"

Made specially to prevent sore throats.

As used by Donald Budge, World Champion

Do you know that chocolate grows on trees?

Has explored Amazon in search of Col. Fawcett

One of England's hardest-working women.

An aunt of mine, now, alas, dead.

A mexican Life, One Pound, ten shillings.

My dear, he thinks life is just one lark after another.

Talking to Heinz

I have nothing in my pocket

Ploughman's Breakfast

My dear, I bought the most marvellous hat

But she used to worry sheep

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