Thursday, 5 July 2007

07:30 Thursday. More Prompts

"Give me back my mink!" she cried.
Actors and voices and lights
All night I have held your hand
And they were turning into butterflies
As soiled as money, old as rag
Dogs bicker in the garbage, cats scream
Dumbly trudging through noise
Here, with my axe, I am chopping in the stillness
I dreamed I saw bombers, riding in the sky
I'll get up soon, and leave my bed unmade
I'll go home, light the lamp
I'm going to join a rock 'n roll band
January Noon. The idle length of a street
Like the wind roaring and pausing
My great-great grandfather sat here, with his sons
My phone only accepts wrong numbers
Now twelve years later, you turn on me
On the dazed white sand, umbrellas leaning
Slow as a fish she came, slow
This afternoon I'll stand up on the hill
We have got to get ourselves, back to the garden
Well, maybe it's just the time of year

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