Thursday, 5 July 2007

13:30, Some More

A dog, the past-midnight suburbs

Entering by the only road

A baseball bat is as good as anything

Clouds decaying

We slaughtered the cattle, burned the fields

Illegal dreams

And we've surely lost our way

I dreamt of home but it was burning


What of dignity?

Across water, across time

Not as yellow as expected

A truth for the dark or for the pillow

Don't talk to me about love, talk about Prague

It's not the best view

There's a Fog Upon L.A.

Something of Value

If you must walk on water, make it look like it's tricky

Stone to Stone

X-997-0/A You are an error.

Don't sit in my father's chair


A soldier with black skin took my gun

They have sent us this way, down a dusty road

It started with a stabbing, outside a pub

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