Monday, 14 May 2007

21:50 Prompts

All over town, cracks in pavements, patios, walls
and behind ran another that stopped now and then
And there's the smudge glimmered through many a week
Andy and Tony were two dafties
Behind the spreading butter comes the knife
Depends on my mood, really
Do you want to come round on Saturday?
For he wasn't well-liked by them that set themselves up as gentry
gave him a bit of a shake and asked "Who's pro-German?"
He toyed with a naked razor
He was fumbling between my legs.
he was head over heeels in debt and dammit if you couldn't wonder
he wouldn't do anything against God's will, would father
he'd started that three years before and wasn't through with it yet
Her they come, books, skin, lattes
I didn't know it would hurt like that.
I know things are going to be different from now on.
I was more upset when he didn't dance with me.
I wasn't that fussed though.
I'd shoot myself first.
If I move my mouth, it's mostly to smile
Ignite the flares, connect the phones, wind all the clocks...
I'm dreaming of that work "Man seated reading"

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