Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Wednesday Morning Prompts

Must be there Friday

Song of Saucepans

Leaving the Kids Alone

The children have brought a turtle to show and tell

Tommy is three and when he's bad the wall hits him

He turned and waved. He was a year and one month.

A Poet to Spain

Becoming, at last, a bee

His momentum was unadulterated by knowledge

Never in all my life have i seen, as handsome a rat as you

My rivals house is peopled with many surfaces

Pleasure slips from memory, becomes...

The two young ones fed, bathed, zippered, read to, and sung to, asleep.

A child wearing a dead soldier's helmet

Composed in the tower before his execution

Listen Carefully

The rest is inexpressible, beyond what can be recorded

Time now to stretch on the sofa, time for a cigarette

Gardening in the tropics, you never know

because I come from the Wet Indies, certain people in England seem to think I is expert on palm trees

Trapped in a dismal marsh

The moon shines, dangerously clear

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