Monday, 21 May 2007

Over the Borders

Interesting exercise this morning.

I'm having to read some Brecht, so I thought I'd drop off at Borders after the school run, take a browse.

But I arrived at 08:40 with twenty minutes to wait. I had my lap-top with me, and the morning prompts printed out so I started a story. Borders opened 18 minutes later. I went in, found a few bits and pieces on Brcht, bought them, the went upstairs to Starbucks, got a latte and then continued.

I finished the story (2150 words) went downstairs again, asking about a book I'd heard about on the radio (no joy) then went out to the car in time for the ten o'clock news.

So I wrote for pretty much exactly an hour, no email pings, now web, and managed 2,150 words. That's a short novel in a working week! Food for thought?

01,375 Words May 01 Tuesday
01,023 Words May 02 Wednesday (Flash & Poem)
01,157 Words May 03 Thursday (Long Poem etc)
01,052 Words May 04 Friday
01,000 Words May 04 Friday (EDIT, article drafted 15:49)
00,600 Words May 05-06 (Two Poems)
02,621 Words May 08 (Article)
00,738 Words May 08 (Flash)
00,988 Words May 09 (Flash)
01,227 Words May 10 (Story)
01,736 Words May 12 (Article and Poem)
01,583 Words May 13 (Article)
01,900 Words May 14 (Article & Flash)
00,890 Words May 15 (Flash)
05,000 Words May 16 (Long Story and Article)
02,410 Words May 17 (Story, Poems) 13:09
05,185 Words May 18 (Long Article)
00.449 Words May 19 (Flash)
00,000 Words May 20 (Satisfied Rest Day!)
02,150 Words May 21 (Story)

33,084 Words Total 12,084 Words ahead of schedule

03,084 Words beyond monthly target

PS, it might be argued that these are just words (ie crap) and will not sell. Time will prove that not to be the case.

Just remember this list and we shall see.

Adjectives & Modifiers
Fucking Adverbs
More Stats on Openers
Under the Ribs
Mining Love
Her Red Dress
This is My Daughter
A Brother Hanged (not the actual title)
Broken Shadow
The Road Below
Formerly Known as Prince
As She Walked Home
Brighton, December
John Mole
Drowned (not the actual title)
Before the Closure
Evan's Leaving
Am I Ready Yet?
School Dinners
A Moorhen
The Early Retirment of (not the actual title)
Museum (not the actual title)
The Wall (not the actual title)
Sliding (not the actual title)

Where I haven't given the actual title it's because the exact title would give away the identity of the writer in a comp (or in Boot Camp). I expect to place at least 80% of the above.

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