Saturday, 26 May 2007

Saturday 26th prompts

All Points North

All quiet on the Western Terrace

I was demoralised when I left Bradford for Virginia

Scalp, cranium, cap, skull, Sheffield, Bradford, Grimsby, Hull

They were tolerably quiet when I preached; only a few pieces of dirt were thrown.

Raving beauties speeding in the little boy's room

The Pearl of India (Curry Yorkshire Puddings - Our Speciality)

Stretched out on a full length snooker table lies a sleeping fireman

The sound of young Huddersfield

Albert Victor Forgets Himself

Two in the morning, the meat wagon waits for its cargo

Joshua Tetley in stiletto heels and pink pyjamas

Micky Smith, the Charlton Heston of the carpet trade

Blues of the second-hand gun

Ballad of Live Aid, hymn of the slave trade

Meat and gravy. Hindley and Brady

Putting lyricism back into lyrics

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