Thursday, 17 May 2007

Thursday Prompts

It started near the primary school

I said to the Mrs, "That's bloody odd."

I have bought an iceberg

The policewoman who told me you had died was very pretty

One of my children asked me who I was

In a past life I was a boring fucker

When making love to a chicken you have to watch out for eggs

My chess board has all black squares, yours white

A Page Four Girl

This having to pay to die, what if you're broke?

I buy ladies' earrings and throw odd ones in corners, knickers under the bed

King in the Land of the Last Biscuit


Eleven bar blues

Jeffrey Archer's Hooker? I ad 'er…

Three soft-boiled eggs? The last one's always hard.

Wife-Printed Toilet-Paper

Moi, the Unthinking Man's crumpet

Jerry Mander, Builder

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