Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Fifteen Days of READING!

Well I've hit my 30K a month target for three consecutive months now and I've had a subbing binge to beat all subbing binges (I had too much good stuff just sitting on my PC) and now I'm going to have 14-15 days of reading, reading reading.

I have to read my own five novels cos I'm planning a new run-ot for Caz Flood

A Wild Justice

I bought the rights back on these a while back so you won't find them in the shops, but I have paperback copies of C, V & K and hardbacks of RZ & AWJ...

Also taking

Three plays by Brecht and a book of his writings on drama;

The Paris Review Interviews Vol 1;

Strong Words: Modern Poets on Modern Poetry;

The Man Who Went Into the West (Biography of R S Thomas)

Sophie Scholl & the White Rose (about resistance to the Nazis)

and a TS Eliot Biog

of course all the above is bollocks to make me look intellectual

Really I'm just taking a carrier bag full of chick-lit and a few womags


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