Saturday, 19 May 2007

Saturday Morning Prompts

And then the dark fell and there was never

It was the first gift he ever gave her

She does not even bother to undress properly

They seem so pleased with themselves over there


My neighbour's wife, her breasts, her warm tongue

Some trees echo of forests

Valleys ache with ancients walking

The suit beach, better than nudists

A cup of hot soup, oxtail, tomato, steam on the windows

I sit on this ledge, people who were me pass underneath

Beleaguer, padlocked, married

Julie's on the balcony, Romeo's gone clubbing

The third oldest profession is shovelling shit

Love routines with a Black & Decker

Me and my hoods

Now he hisses, spins and jumps

Father Maloney's Glass eye

I was watching as my father shovelled snow

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