Tuesday, 22 May 2007

ANON anon anon anon

I mentioned "anon" yesterday.

I've stated from the outset that I'll delete anons, that if people want to debate, and not merely be nasty for the sake of it, I'm delighted to debate my take on writing, creative-writing, the teaching of creatiive writing, the Boot Camp ethos and so on.

My writing stands up. My teaching stand up.

I'm proud of the achievements of Boot Campers and ex Boot Campers. Another exBCer won a very nice national prize yesterday.

So healthy debate is fine. I love it.

But the vast majority of "Anons" have a reason to remain anonymous. They are cowardly, destructive and are not interested in debate. They are interested in wars and carnage.

Anyone can apply to be part of this blog and post to it. But then we have a name and if they become destructive I can remove them. In Boot Camp we simply will not have flames. We talk craft impersonally, objectively and we do not tolerate anyone or anything who does not believe in that.

If they want vitirol there are places where that can be got for 10p a pound. If they want recipes and cuddles and gargantuan praise for getting a flash into an appalling zine run by someone on the same list, there are plenty of places like that too.

But HERE? This is MY territory.

Any unbiased reader can see our results, read the articles, flashes, shorts, hear about the prizes. No anonymous tosser is going to mess with that.

I recently set the board to moderated comments because I was spending too much time deleting idiots. Yesterday I mentioned that since then there had not been a single anonymous comment.

Today there was one from "Zoe" saying only that one of the anonymous comments (unspecified) was hers (or his). Perhaps that comment was an innocent one, but how would I know? And was "Zoe" traceable? Nope.


I have now heard by email.

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