Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Tuesday's Prompts

A bunch of horsemen asked his name
A catastrophic kiss
A drum taps
A week without a moon
All catches alight
and again by the Saturday boat.
and boarding in rooms.
and I have calculated that absolutely nothing would be saved
as it may become very difficult and precarious
At present I am particularly concerned
by sub-letting the flat (furnished)
For the heart to be loveless
for the Wednesday boat
from America to England.
I am sick for want of sleep
I have ordered a night off stars
I shall write this letter now
I should like, if it were possible,
I think if you can spare the money.
I was never bewitched in adolescence
I wrote to ask you last week
In the field two horses
In view of the present circumstances
It would be a safeguard,
Kick up the fire, let the flames break loose
Let the wheel spin out
to have a year's rent now,
Let us kiss, then
over possible interruption of the mails.
See a girl dragged by the wrists
Supposing that we ran short
The blood unfurls itself
to send any communication
The details of his own defeat and murder
The moon is full tonight
The rent has got to be paid, anyhow
This miracle of glass
whether you could send six months rent.

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