Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Something Different

There are about eighty prompts for me to post tonight (for up to four sessions).

Here's the idea


Choose 3/4/5 numbers between 1 and 164.

Do this 1-2-3-4 times depending on how many sessions you are going to do.

Cut and paste ALL the prompts to a Word file and then select Format-Document-Layout and Line Number-Continuous (not per page) so all the lines now have a number.

Now read ALL the prompts but you must use one of your selected numbers (and others as you fancy)

Spend at least five minutes "living with" the prompts. read them top to bottom, bottom to top, paly around, combine etc


A black dog

A drizzle glazes the museum entrance

A surprised wreck, a sad sinking

And when each man has given up chasing flies

Angel A

At the end of this sentence, rain will begin


Bless This House, brass

Can it be right to give what I give?

Chestnuts on a shovel

Cold Iron Rail

Days of Wine & Roses

Each family will pay one thousand dollars

Faint photographs, lives history

Five Old men

For a second I looked back into the city, down through the smoke.

Go From Me

Granted, you are dying, but

He – for there could be no doubt about his sex

He gives his daughter shells

He sat on a cold bench, trying to be younger

He was quietly American, not so much a pig

Her voice had the gutturals of machine-guns

His body was as thin as a reflection

Hotel Unthinking

I am a snake, slowly shedding my life

I am burned black by a million sins and sun

I am not me. I do not close this door

I found my pity, beneath some books

I heard them marching the leaf-wet roads of my head

I lift my heavy heart up

I reads once that all revolutions start small

I thought once, how he had sung of the sweet years

I was smoking my pipe

If I lay here dead?

If you were here, wishing, lying on these sheets

In those first years

It is spring, moonless night in the small town

It's possible that Hell is a suburb of Cairo

Oh my love. Yes. Here we sit.

One day I awoke, a yellow star grown on my breast


Passing by my wife's car

President George Brown

Punctually at six o'clock the sun set with a last yellow flash behind the Blue

She never gave a lock of hair away

She was as beautiful as stone in the sunrise

Silk, umbrellas, avarice beyond

Smelling Almond Polish

Something primal

Tanner Hop

The Bella Archipelago

The big guy wasn't any of my business

The biggest TV in the World

The clouds lifted slowly from the ridge of the mountains and the dawn rim appeared.

The fierce full moon

The letter came just before noon, special delivery.

The maid brings me a lamp

The Malpases had moved in the day before

The melancholy of Sunday

The Merrimac River, broad and placid flows down to it.

The priest, barely glancing at the two penitents

The Problem With Jack Harvey

Then all the nations

There was a black car following.

This fucking driver is getting on my tits.

Three Ducks in the hallway

To begin at the beginning

Town & City

Trees air-brushed, leaves added

Video night last Monday.

We are only ever one step from the gutter

We were sitting in a room at the Berglund.

When the heart creaks like cottage-wood

Where are your monuments, battles, martyrs?

Winter branches

With two double bourbons in him, he sat in the final departures lounge at Miami

Airport and thought about life and death.

I have been in love twice. I have married four times. I do not know how to make these things coincide

I am always drawn back to places where I have lived, the houses and their neighbourhoods

The naked man who lay splashed out on his face beside the swimming pool might have been dead.

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