Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Tuesday Second Set of Prompts

01 The people in their mobile homes

02 Though the swamps breed so many leeches

03 A Buffon's Wink

04 Nigger Sweat

05 She sits on a smouldering couch

06 They keep standing up to look out of the train

07 I don't like this, being carried sideways through the night

08 In the first taxi he was alone

09 In honour of something or other

10 On the day of the explosions, shadows pointed

11 North

12 Gold survives the fire that's hot enough to make you ashes

13 What they are doing make their garden seem big


15 See where the windows are boarded up?

16 Pathetic Anonymati

17 Until I asked her to stop doing it

18 I carefully arrange a chain of nips, a candle

19 My mother

20 From the wheelchair, watching

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