Wednesday, 2 May 2007

22:20 Prompts

Bacon, Bodies, Experiments, Fire, Paper, Organic.
Beating Charlie
Paris, the Secret History
And drowns Chianti
Aberyswyth, Mon Amour
Of Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire
Not to say what everyone else is saying.
The steam hissed. Someone cleared his throat
Brings the priest and the doctor
Fawlty Towers
I love you more than a duck can swim
if when my wife is sleeping
what passing bells?
Tick-Tock I'm a clock
Quinquereme of Nineveh from Distant Ophir
Dangerous Pilgrimages
Tick Tock Tea
Late Return Penalty Notice
It's On the Board
Dirty British Steamer With a Salt-Caked Smoke-Stack
Number One in Heaven
I Have Eaten the Plums That Were in the Icebox
219 Pounds
Undulate Around the World, Serenely Arriving, Arriving
The Truth, With Jokes
The Totally Lost Poems of J. Edgar Hoover
Firewood, Iron-Ware and Cheap Tin Trays

All you who sleep tonight, far from the ones you love, no hand to left or right, and emptiness above; know that you aren't alone, the whole world shares your tears, some for two nights or one, and some for all their years.

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