Tuesday, 1 May 2007

22:30 Prompts Set (oops)


Because there was a penalty shoot-out I "sent" these early (22:15)

On;y problem is I didn't press SEND

She was in the bath for five-thirty, out for six
Shit everywhere
Singapore Burning
Someone dropped a tray of drinks
Spray Polish
Steam, Jug
The afternoon was flat, grey and ordinary
The all the men came and added their weight
Then he let Nagasaki off its leash
The others were laughing quietly
The pig-tailed, freckled fallen idols of the stage
The reflecting shops on the hill were just ticking over
They found it scrubbed, and buffed, spotless…
They're watching the house
Three times out of ten you'll see the town clown
Three walked barefoot into the sea, mother, father, only child
Thursdays & Fridays are lemon and lime
We sat in the ruins and drank ourselves blind
Weeds floating alongside and also leaves
Where scampi comes from
White-coated assistants in slow-frame
Women of Huddersfield!

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