Friday, 4 May 2007

Something For the Weekend, Sir?

Flashes for the Weekend.

Mister Slater at the Gate


Do You Like Pie? Do You Like Pie? Do You Like Pie?

An application has been made to your current employer

In Coffee Houses, Restaurants and such

Under Those Scarlet Aprons, are You Naked?

The Undeniable Strength of the Common Ant

Duct Tape

The Man Who Thought Everything Was Tits

Mickey Mouse Physics

Hawking, Floating

Grapefruits and Other Desires

Cops on the River, Dredging

He Mounted the Kerb, Even Though It Wasn't Interested

A coal-cellar sky

I can remember the moment I knew, knew

Kittiwake Pie

Slung from her neck, a tray of Walnut Whips, in the shadow of her powdered breasts

Money rolls by in dark limos

Do I have to say the words, write the words?


Queueing to Piss

We're hitting back with a cunning device

I presume, somehow, I am a bad man


She wants friends of her own

How Far a Knife Goes In

The following may apply: All calls are recorded

Thomas Knight, 18, Makes The Front Page of the Weekly News

In Wells Cathedral

They are building rockets, hundreds, there is nowhere else to go

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