Thursday, 27 September 2007

150th Hit, $5,214

A few more hits for September takes BC earnings to $5,214 for the year

Some of these you will have seen, newest at the bottom


138 TomC Poem at Mythic Delirium
139 Alex makes final in Glimmer Train with "My Son, Going Under"
140 Jason Jackson story at Liars League
141 TomC gets a story at Liar's League
142 Joel 1/2/3 Results TBA in good Comp Individual Totals (??? $$$)
143 Matt at "Bound Off" with "In response to Your Presentation"
144 Lexie 5th place at Writers Bureau ($100)
145 DMW places paradise Lost at Black Ink ($10) Print
146 TomC places "Carnival of the Animals" at Clockwise Cat
147 "Rupert Merkin" places "Final Rest" at Paper mag Nossa Morte ($40)
148 "Louise Cypher" places "A Warm Touch" at web mag "Coven of Shadows"
149 Louise Cypher story into Coven of Darkness
150 Jason Jackson 2nd in National Writing Comp (Durham) $200

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