Thursday, 27 September 2007

Prompts Thursday 07:40

The winter sun creeps into the cracks between stones

How would you have met me?

A Standard Life

Hearing shingle explode, seeing it skip


He knew he was the wrong listener

Three Kings, 2007

Blessed are, blessed are, blessed are


I saw three ships go sailing by

OK, Let's go, me and you

What could be hurting so much

Let's mock the great and good, stick pins in Mother Theresa

The northern sky rose high and black

There was this man and he was the strongest

And the day was plucked and tasted bitter

He gritted his teeth like a cliff

All the women in the world could not move him

Grandfather's Watch

Eyeless and mouthless

Her promises took the top off his skull

A dull axe chunking in a dark wood

He loved her and she loved him

despite everything, morning comes

Safe and sure for ever and ever

One man, a deserted platform

Waiting, while she brushed her hair


Love will pass, good will come

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