Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Prompts Wednesday 10:10

From the mists came sounds of moving

But is it an Armadillo?

The mansion claimed by clambering bramble

Martin Evans

Steamrollering over a life already extinguished

No one lives in Bettws now

A breath-taking whiteness of flowers, flowers

Sewage & Water

A green lad from the life-spring of his home


The whole of doghood I have seen in my time

The rejoicing of waters

Danger, Existentialists operate in this area

The dog ate the contract

Were you ever a stranger in these parts?

He said he was a poet

Extra for cash

He was sitting on a bench at the foot of Moel Cadwgan

Bethel is between the slagheap and the factory

Twisted, bitter, and long-living

This is the first time I've seen a song

I daresay death was no more than a gentle subduing

Sexually Explicit, and Broccolli

His great-great-grandfather came from Wales

In the restaurant at the sea's edge

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