Monday, 3 September 2007

Monday's Prompts

Why don't we say goodbye right now, pretending we are well

It was in those days when I wandered about hungry

Facts, stories. repeated rumours and gossip

Like in "On the Beach"

I hear a clock strike six downstairs

Marvellous, the rain pattering on the roof.

You wil be able to sort it out, of course

As soon as i opened my eyes I started wondering

I am not dispassionate

They have killed you over many a night, when they were younger

Good Friday, after consuming copious amounts of a port-type wine

I started reading the ads over the door

Please note carefully, the last sentence of their letter regarding unauthorised connections

There are American refugees

I opened the window and looked out

Once we had enormous moral credit

It had been going steadily downhill for me all along

There is no God who saves Americans

The air was filled with voices

Everything looks too beautiful to me

I am going to write bits of conversation as I remember them

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