Thursday, 6 September 2007

NEW MEMBERS, Kingfisher Barn Course

We have one member now with us 6 months, two with us less than that many weeks, and a brand-new newbie shivering in the corner. This is a good time to join Boot Camp. Newbies bring energy and remind those here slightly longer that they really HAVE got better.

Incidentally six-month man has now had half a dozen hits and one very good prize and one of the 6-8 week guys has had two hits, one paying.

Contact alex.keegan at or answer here.

PS There is a face to face course at Kingfisher Barn, Newbury

01 November Thursday
02 November Friday
03 November Saturday
04 November Sunday

05 November (Monday available if anyone needs follow-up work)

The first two days do not expect any prior knowledge (of KB Courses) then we roll into a tough weekend. Newbies thus do 4 days. Monday is available


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