Saturday, 15 September 2007

Saturday Prompts 07:20

She is perfectly acceptable. I am afraid of her

On Turds

There was a man who Sorrow made his friend

Seven Types

Some knives are beautiful


I passed along the water's edge

Love, Sex & Tragedy

How shit dissolves

We will moor our loney ship

Riding the Yellow Trolley Car

Big, black and very alpha-Dog

Come near, come near, come near

The Black Pick-Up

Owain was ill today, and tonight, delirious

Go there and light a fire

The mathematics of sunshine

We who are old and gay, old and gay

Pointing at us with a black stick

The brawling of martins in the rooftops

Listen, darkness is dripping

Pen, Pencil, ruler, divider

I am sitting in a strange room, listening

There was a girl riding a white pony

Service desk edition

You ask how it is. I will tell you

There was a black hill I knew. Known as Aber Mountain

Listening for the wrong baby

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