Thursday, 13 September 2007

Thursday 0720

Christ, that my love were in my arms and I in my bed again.

Are you not afraid they will misunderstand?

The jurisdiction thing was borderline.

While we eat we think.

We approached our last house high up on the hill.

Busy old fool.

A sunrise does not last all morning.

BEEP!. …. …. …. … beep.

We sang at castle walls

She lay down, naked in the curtained bedroom, thinking.


One night I woke from a dream of peace.

Don't say shirt-lifter.

He had my heart. I have his in a jar.

A shoe hitting the table.

He was as suspicious as a rat near strange bread

She wondered what Tom would be up to, right now.


Dead friends like jewels in my hand.


She is, in fact, exquisite.

Some of the accidents really looked like an accident.

December, still, trees.

She might have been the love of his life. Might have been.

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